Legacy Premium 92 Serving 2,000 Calorie/Day Bucket

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Eat well during an emergency situation with Legacy Premium’s gourmet two-week disaster food kit. Offering 14 days’ worth of hearty breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and drinks, this package of freeze-dried meals will keep your body in top form during whatever emergency situation you encounter. Most impressive, Legacy Premium’s two-week disaster meal kit is full of nutritious calories, adding up to a total of 2,000 calories a day for each of the 14 days. Compare this calorie count to that of other food storage companies’ pre-packaged meal kits, and you’ll see why Legacy Premium represents the best value per serving in the food storage industry.

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2 Weeks Worth of Delicious, Nutritious Emergency Food Supply

Meals included in the two-week emergency food package are not only calorie-dense, they are also extremely tasty. We’ve included popular family favorites like macaroni and cheese, pasta alfredo, chocolate milk, and rice and beans. These meals, drinks, and snacks have all received overwhelming customer praise for their delicious taste, meaning when you store Legacy Premium food storage, you set yourself up for a treat when it comes time to enjoy your emergency food.

Because Legacy Premium has mastered the art of preparing and packaging emergency food so that it stays fresh for long periods of time, our pre-packaged meal kits have a 25-year shelf life. This means when you purchase the two-week meal kit, you make an investment that will last you for a quarter of a century. Not only does the 25-year shelf life of Legacy Premium meals eliminate the need for stressful food storage rotation, it also means you can put your trust in your emergency food and know that it will still be good when the time comes to use it.

The Awakening Liberty Store’s Legacy Premium two-week meal kit represents a new way of thinking about food storage. Above all, satisfying, delicious, and reliable, our freeze-dried emergency meals will help you to prepare wisely for life.

2 Week 2,000 Calorie Per Day Food Bucket


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