Legacy Premium 84 Serving 4 Person 72 Hour Bucket

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Provide for your family’s most essential preparedness needs with Legacy Premium’s fully-stocked 72-hour meal kit. While other companies’ food storage meal packages skimp on calories, Legacy Premium’s are calorie-dense and nutritious. Equipped to feed a family of four 2,000 calories a day for three days, this kit includes not only breakfast, lunch, and dinner but drinks and side dishes as well. As with all of Legacy Premium’s high-quality emergency food, the meals in the 72-hour meal kit are Non-GMO, have no cholesterol or trans fat, and are made with real ingredients that nourish and sustain. When you purchase the 72-hour meal kit for four, you purchase all the food your family needs to thrive for three days.

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Family 72 Hour Survival Kit – 2,000 Calories per Day per Person

Best of all, even though it’s survival food, Legacy Premium’s 72-hour meal kit is delicious eating at its best. Your family will enjoy gourmet pasta dishes like creamy Pasta Alfredo and vegetable rotini, hearty meals like the cheese and broccoli bake, tasty snacks like banana chips and beans and rice, and a pouch of each of our satisfying drink mixes to complement your meal time. With Legacy Premium’s 72-hour food bucket in your pantry, you can breathe easy knowing your family will be completely nourished should disaster strike.

Stocking up on three days’ worth of meals can be a lot of work. The Awakening Liberty Store makes it especially easy when you have a family to think about. Legacy Premium makes your emergency preparedness process easier by allowing you to purchase everything you need in one lightweight, easy-to-store kit. Each entree, side, and drink simply requires water to reconstitute it, so you don’t have to worry about also storing recipes, spices, or even a can opener. Buy the 72-hour meal kit for four and be confident you are ready for whatever comes your way.



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