Legacy Premium 60 Serving Entree Bucket

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Whether you are just getting started on your disaster preparedness or you already have a large long-term food storage supply built up, Legacy Premium’s 60-serving Entree Bucket is an excellent way to add variety and great-tasting options to your storage supply. With enough food to provide one person a lunch and dinner meal for 30 days, this supply of gourmet meals will make surviving a disaster a much more pleasant experience. 


Enhance your disaster preparedness with a gourmet supply of long-term food storage.

Although this supply of long-term food storage is ideal for disaster preparedness, don’t feel like you have to save it for an emergency situation to eat it. The Awakening Liberty Store’s  Legacy Premium gourmet disaster food is also excellent for lightweight backpacking, convenient cooking while camping, and easy everyday meals. Simply add water, and your dinner is ready. Because they are packed with nutritious, real ingredients, these gourmet meals are ones your family will enjoy (and request) on any occasion. Check out our Testimonials page to read how much customers love the taste of our meals.

Not only does Legacy Premium’s long-term preparedness supply make cooking in any situation easier, it is also extremely convenient to store. In fact, this 60-serving food storage kit comes in one portable BPA-free plastic bucket, which will fit easily in any home. And with a long-term shelf life (up to 25 years plus), you won’t have to worry about replacing your food storage any time soon.

Check one more thing off your disaster preparedness list by buying our 60-serving supply of gourmet emergency meals today. When you purchase your long-term food storage supply through The Awakening Liberty Store, you get gourmet food storage that will last long-term and make your disaster preparedness efforts much more convenient.



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