Legacy Premium 60 Serving Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

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When it comes to providing gourmet survivalist storage foods, Legacy Premium is the top choice for quality, convenience and affordability. This popular survivalist supply has 60 non-GMO food storage meals; get 4 different freeze dried breakfast options and 10 different lunch/dinner options that are delicious, fast and easy to prepare. Survivalist supply is stored in portable and compact buckets; gourmet freeze dried foods are non-GMO and have a shelf life of up to 25 years or longer.

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Non-GMO Survivalist Supply of 60 Freeze Dried Gourmet Storage Foods

The Awakening Liberty Store makes food storage fun and exciting with a non-GMO gourmet survivalist supply by Legacy Premium. Your family will love the different meal options and you will love the added benefits of protein, fiber and vitamins from these freeze dried, non-GMO foods. These gourmet meals are great tasting and easy to prepare; just add water to freeze dried storage foods and they are ready to eat. You will also love the amazing value of Legacy’s lowest cost per serving and calorie in the survivalist food supply business.

Get 60 Non-GMO survivalist meals with this popular freeze dried food supply package and keep your family protected against unforeseen emergencies. Enjoy gourmet storage meals such as Creamy a la King, Pasta Primavera and even Old-fashioned Pancakes. This supply of freeze dried Non-GMO meals is lightweight and portable; having gourmet survivalist meals that are simple to prepare while hiking, camping and even backpacking is easy with Legacy Premium freeze dried food storage.

Freeze dried/dehydrated, Non-GMO gourmet food supply is first sealed in Mylar pouches with an oxygen absorber and nitrogen flush, then re-sealed in BPA-free survivalist buckets for lightweight and portable storageThis delicious and versatile gourmet food supply by Legacy is Non-GMO and will last on your shelf for up to twenty-five years or more. Click to enlarge pics below

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