Legacy Emergency Parboiled Rice Supply Single Bag $29.00


Legacy Essentials parboiled rice is a nutritional powerhouse that adds crucial vitamins and minerals to your emergency disaster food storage supply. Disaster prepper parboiled rice is 80% nutritionally similar to brown rice; this emergency storage food is a good source of protein and is high in fiberA supply of emergency parboiled rice is inexpensive enough for daily use and simple to store and prepare. Prepper parboiled rice is a delicious side that has up to a 15-20 year shelf life.
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Total Servings: 30
Total Calories: 4,800
Serving Size: 1/4 cup (47g)

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Emergency Food Storage Side Dishes

The Awakening Liberty Store is proud to offer a great selection of emergency survival side dishes to complement and add variety to your food storage meals. Individually packed in durable, waterproof and pest proof buckets, Legacy food storage side dishes will make surviving an emergency situation a little less stressful.

Disaster Prepper Food Storage Supply of Emergency Parboiled Rice

Keeping your family prepared for unseen emergency or disaster can be a daunting task. Fortunately, Legacy Essentials has simplified the process for you. Legacy prepper storage foods are the best value for 2,000 caloriesLegacy offers wholesome family favorites and high quality staples; choose these easy-to-prepare products for your emergency food storage supply and plan now should emergency or disaster befall you or your loved ones.

Your supply of disaster prepper storage foods can also be used in daily cooking, as a meal on the go or while camping. Emergency prepper parboiled rice is a popular food storage side; rice goes well with any of the disaster meals in your storage food supply but is also tasty enough to enjoy alone. Parboiled rice is a complex carbohydrate that contains essential amino acids. Prepper parboiled rice does not need to be boiled; just add boiling water to rice then cover for 25 minutes and serve.

Delicious foods like parboiled rice and other staples are ideal for your disaster prepper supply because they are lightweight and provide compact storage. Emergency storage foods, like parboiled rice, are sealed in Mylar pouches with an oxygen absorber and nitrogen flush. Your Legacy emergency and disaster prepper food supply will store on the shelf for up to 15-20 years.

Parboiled Rice Features – 

  • Freeze Dried, High Quality Ingredients
  • Non-GMO
  • Resealable Bag
  • Food will last up to 1 year after breaking seal
  • Bag Stands Easily on a Shelf
  • Up to 15-20 year shelf Life
  • Great addition to your food storage or Perfect for Daily Use
  • Simple to Prepare – Just Add Water to Rehydrate


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