Bobcat Folding Multi-fuel Emergency Cook Stove

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Whether you use it for camping, backpacking, or surviving emergency situations, Legacy’s bobcat folding multi-fuel cook stove is the perfect solution to your alternative cooking needs. Because it is multi-fuel and folds flat for transfer and storage, it’s a versatile cooking option wherever you find yourself. In addition, its aluminum construction makes it extremely tough while still being lightweight, compact, and easy to set up and use.



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Gear up for backpacking, camping, and survival cooking with the bobcat multi-fuel folding stove from Legacy.

Just as it is crucial to have lightweight, reliable food sources for taking with you on your backpacking and camping adventures, it is equally important to have a lightweight, reliable stove to cook that food. Legacy’s bobcat folding stove makes camping and backpacking stress- and hassle-free because it is so easy to use. Simply unfold the stove, place your preferred fuel inside and light it, place your pan on the sturdy top rack, and get dinner cooking. When you purchase Legacy’s bobcat folding multi-fuel backpacking and camping stove, you purchase a survival item that’s all about convenience.

Best of all, the bobcat multi-fuel stove by Legacy is roomy enough to hold up to three fuel cells at a time, making it easier to generate a lot of heat for faster cooking. This means you won’t have to spend all your precious time in the outdoors waiting for your meal to cook. In addition, the folding stove’s smart design allows it to offer efficient, steady heating.

Unlike other bulky, heavy camping methods that take an impossibly long time to heat up and can leave you with a back ache at the end of your backpacking trip, the Legacy bobcat multi-fuel stove with folding capacity is an ideal companion for all of your outdoor adventures. 

Bobcat Stove Features –

  • Durable, Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • Perfect for camping, hiking, emergency situations, and more
  • Folds Flat for Simple, Easy Storage
  • Sets Up in Less than 1 Minute
  • Large Capacity for Multiple Fuel Sources, including up to 3 ThermaFuel Cansoutdoor1__85185__12655.1379369699.1280.1280


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