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The Awakening Liberty Store is looking for Affiliate Partners! Help people get prepared with the best value, NON GMO emergency food in the industry! Then put some $$$ in your own pocket! For more info call me 775-276-4046

What you do?

1) Sign up! 100% Free! Fast and Easy!
    Step 1: Check out the Store!
    Step 2: "Subscribe"
    Step 3: Apply to "Become and Affiliate"
2) Share your affiliate link on your Websites and Social Media
3) Tell your family and friends!
4) Sit back and relax! When someone orders product, You Get Paid!

What do I do?

1) Provide graphics/banners for products and special sales
2) Provide you a specific affiliate link
3) Process all orders
4) Ship all products
5) Handle all Customer Service
6) Cover all Domestic Shipping Costs
7) Maintain a professional Web Store and inventory
8) Offer the Best Value in Long Term Food Storage
9) Pay You! up to 6% of the total pre tax sales amount.

Examples: An average order is around $500 you make $25! $2000 orders are not uncommon. You make $100! I am also offering a bonus program! Every 10 orders get you an additional $50.00!

You affiliate login allows your to track clicks, purchases and commissions. Affiliates are welcome to design custom ad banners and I will provide product graphics/logos upon request. Custom ad banners require pre-approval.

Affiliate approval is subject to certain criteria and an efficient marketing strategy. Terms and conditions apply! Paypal account required.

Best part is you deal directly with me! Sean 775-276-4046