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The Awakening Liberty Show on Truth Frequency Radio. Every Saturday and Sunday at 2 PM Pacific Time

The Awakening Liberty Show with Sean Caron is  hard hitting talk radio focusing on truth and restoring liberty by enlightening the people of the world. Join Sean for news, analysis,  and commentary about the New World Order Agenda and the enslavement of humanity. Join Sean and his guests which include Experts, Authors and Activists prominent int the Truth Movement

Sean has been a professional musician for 25 years and an audio engineer. He has also been a small business owner and been in the professional business arena. Sean woke up 5 years after 9/11 and subsequently became an avid researcher and amateur film maker. Realizing that there was something terribly wrong and sinister about the ruling class elite and the world in general,  he began to search for ways in which to enlighten and educate his fellow man. He is currently attending the University of Life and dedicating himself to awakening the masses.

Sean was a delegate for Ron Paul and actively worked for his campaign. He also worked for Aaron Russo’s campaign for governor in Nevada. Sean was an active founding member of Tea Party movements in Nevada. Sean abandoned the false left/right paradigm; he is non-partisan and now considers himself a proponent of YHWH's perfect law. Sean is a dedicated follower of Yahshua and the Most High God!!

Sean is currently involved in truth activism in the areas of 9/11, Chemtrails and Geo Engineering, GMO Foods, The Federal Reserve, Fracking, Vaccine Truth, False Flag Truth and explores topics involving the Illuminati, The New World Order, Agenda 21, Medical Industry Fraud, NASA Fraud and Health and Wellness


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