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Terms and Conditions

Arctic Dome Greenhouses comes with a 5-year warranty against structural failure of the Heavy Duty struts and hubs and options given regular maintenance. (2 year full parts and labor and remaining 3 years parts on installed tunnels/domes.  5 year parts on self installs.)  Maintenance items (tape, door adjustments) are not included.    Installed upon ground or base which meets or exceeds our requirements (please see installations).   Arctic Dome Greenhouses shall pass on all warranties for other parts of the Arctic Dome Greenhouses from the manufacturer to the Purchaser and work as a liaison of said manufacturers.  Please see our options page where warranties of said items will be linked for review.   Warranties will be considered void if the Purchaser alters the design of the Arctic Dome Greenhouse, installs improperly or its features and/or if the Arctic Dome Greenhouse is used for a purpose other than a greenhouse.  Standard ground Domes are guaranteed up to 70mph and snow loads of up to 25lbs  per square foot.  Arctic Dome Greenhouses has models and foundation requirements to greatly increase wind and snow ratings.  Ask us for requirements.



A 50% deposit is due at the time of order and the balance of your invoice shall be paid prior to shipment of your Arctic Dome Greenhouse. We accept payment by wire transfer, check, Credit Cards and Paypal. If installation becomes part of the purchase. Installation charges will be separate from Dome Materials. At time of final payment for materials, a deposit of 50% of installation charges will be required. The remaining balance will be due immediately after installation is completed. If customer has failed to have base ready for installation. Additional fees will apply and will be due before installation commences due to delay. See our installation section.

Should the Purchaser find it necessary to cancel his/her Arctic Dome Greenhouse order within one week of receipt of the order and accompanying 50% deposit, all funds paid to Arctic Dome Greenhouses  for said Dome will be promptly returned to the Purchaser.  In the case that the Arctic Dome Greenhouse order is canceled after the first week has lapsed from date of order, Arctic Dome Greenhouse reserves the right to withhold 10% of the entire amount of the invoice and agrees to refund the remaining 90% within 90 days of contract cancellation.

If  for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your stock Arctic Dome Greenhouses kit, you may return it to us for a refund within 30 days of receipt. Original shipping costs and shipping costs to return the Arctic Dome Greenhouse are the responsibility of the Purchaser. Returned products must be undamaged, clean, and in otherwise new condition with original packaging and documentation, no parts missing, and must be accompanied by the original invoice. Returns should be sent to Arctic Dome Greenhouses. Within 90 days of return receipt, Arctic Dome Greenhouses will refund the amount listed on the invoice less a 15% restocking fee and any costs for damaged or missing parts. Before returning anything to Arctic Dome Greenhouses, please email or call us (907)505-0409 to explain the reason for the return and to receive special instructions for return shipping.  For custom orders there will be no refund.

Arctic Dome Greenhouses delivers and/or ships within Alaska and Lower 48.  We reserve the right to determine the method of delivery and will do our best to accommodate the Purchaser’s requests in terms of delivery. Once Arctic Dome Greenhouses and the Purchaser agree on a shipment/delivery date for their Arctic Dome Greenhouse Kit certain penalties may apply for the purchaser should they decide to alter the original agreed upon date. If the Purchaser contacts Arctic Dome Greenhouses to change the shipment/delivery date more than 5 business days prior to the original ship date, the Purchaser will receive a new shipment/delivery date based on Arctic Dome Greenhouse availability. This may mean a delay beyond what the Purchaser expected. If the Purchaser contacts Arctic Dome Greenhouses to change the shipment date in 5 or less business days prior to the original ship date, a $150 Change Fee will be applied to the account and the Purchaser will receive a new ship date based on Arctic Dome Greenhouses availability. This may mean a delay beyond what the Purchaser expected.

Shipping fees are non-refundable.  The risk of loss or damage for all merchandise ordered on this website passes to you when the merchandise is delivered to the “shipping carrier”. We will assist with tracking information and with submitting damage claims to the carrier.  Any damage claims must be brought to the attention of  Arctic Dome Greenhouses within 7 days of receipt of the merchandise if you wish for us to assist with your claim to the shipping carrier.

If the Purchaser chooses to have a permit or approval from a building department or a home owners association, he/she shall be responsible for obtaining necessary permits and approvals needed for his/her  location. Arctic Dome Greenhouses agrees to provide the drawings and any structural analyses of the Arctic Dome Greenhouses that we have in-house. If the building department requires further documentation (i.e., a wet stamp for their particular dome or location), the Purchaser is responsible for any extra costs entailed, as well as any extra costs for structural items required by an engineer above and beyond our standard kit.


The availability information presented on our site is the most current inventory we have at the time of purchase, but is subject to change.  If  for some reason a component of a Arctic Dome Greenhouses, package, or upgrade is not available at the time of shipment, we will notify you via a phone call that the item has been back ordered. You will also receive a parts checklist with your crate that will indicate that this item or items have been back ordered. We will ship the item to you free of charge as soon as we receive the item in stock and will do our best to expedite the process.


All claims of missing items must be made within 3 days after receipt of Dome.   Arctic Dome Greenhouses is not responsible for items left unattended or once in the possession of purchaser.  Any claims made after said time will be honored at the discretion of Arctic Dome Greenhouses.   Items must be disclosed within 3 days via email to be honored.  In the event of wrong items being shipped.  Arctic Dome Greenhouses will be exchange said items at their expense.