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The New World Order and their Commandments

Some call them the American Stonehenge, but they are commonly referred to as the Georgia Guidestones. Researchers and conspiracy theorist both are baffled as to the person or persons responsible for the stone structure that outlines the wanted desires of the elite. And yes, it is set in stone.

Very little is know about the origination of the stone tablets other than a man described as “well-dressed, articulate stranger” visited the office of the Elberton Granite Finishing Company and announced that he wanted to build an edifice to transmit a message to mankind. He identified himself as R. C. Christian, but it was shortly apparent that wasn’t his real name.  He said that he represented a group of men who wanted to “offer direction to humanity”, but to date, no one knows who R. C. Christian really was, or the names of those he represented.

What we do know is the message left in stone is deals in four major fields: 1.) Governance and the establishment of a One World Government, 2.) Population and reproduction control, 3.) Environment and man’s relation to Nature, 4.) Spirituality.

The Georgia Guidestones is four big tablets supporting a capstone on top. Engraved in the tablets are 10 commandments written out in eight different languages.


1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
2. Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.
3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
4. Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.
5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
9. Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.
10.Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.

A break down of the Georgia Guidestones

Obviously, and with good reason the first commandment grabs many people’s attention right off the bat. You see, to maintain a world population of 500 million would mean the eradication of nine-tenths of the existing population. Do we see anything that would suggest they have this in the works? Yes we do and on many levels really.

Bill Gates and others have made the point in saying that they could control the population through vaccines and resources. You can get, online, a video of a seminar he was speaking at where he gives a formula in which to achieve this with reducing the population being the main goal.

Evidence that mass holding facilities not only exists, but are said to be operational right now, are only leading to more speculation of future Martial Law or some event that will send the masses into panic over drive. Economic collapse, food shortage, or the very real possibility of a stand-off with Putin, the number of reasons to be ready have never been greater.

The second commandments shows that once they achieve this goal then the reproductive rights will be controlled through the state. Get the population size to the scientific, mathematical number they wish and then control the reproductive rights for their gain.

A stone plague at the Georgia Guidestones

The third commandment is to unite the world with one language, therefore, erasing the borders and having a true one world community. This is where surrendering individual sovereignty to the State and globalism comes into play. That is the one thing needed for global control.

The fifth and sixth commandment is where global legislation and courts are the deciding factors in disputes. Here we see the term nations used, but it won’t be in the sense we currently use it. Every nation or region will be legislated and governed through a one rule system with a global court resolving external disputes. This is where the United Nations role will be the legislating body, and, more so, the courts as well.

The list finishes up with our part we play in nature and our responsibilities to nature. This more than likely will go hand in hand with the climate change, global warming talks that we have been seeing. With programs like HAARP and CERN, we need to get all the facts laid out on the table before we can have a true scientific debate on climate change.

Chemtrail spraying has picked up and we are seeing more and more of it take place, yet we can’t have a logical talk about it as many even deny what has been openly admitted and confirmed already. Geo engineering, cloud seeing, whatever spin you put on it you can’t continue to deny the effects it is having on our health.

We have the ability to product our plastic and other materials cheaper, in greater number, more effectively, and environmentally safe by using hemp, but can’t get legislation out of our way because of the elite’s existing control of resources and manufacturing.

That is what the one world or New World Order is about and that is control. They see themselves as being of “higher quality” so to speak and we are their serfs. They see themselves as enlightened and us as being incompetent to even understand the agenda around us. To much of the elite’s goal, they have managed to control much of the world’s resources and money with total control being the end game.

It isn’t hidden behind close doors with secret hand shakes anymore. It is our there in the open with the evidence all around us waiting to be seen. It isn’t by accident that we are handing over much of, not only our nation’s sovereignty, but our individual rights over to the ruling elite at record numbers. All in the name of “safety” to which we will ultimately give total control over to the powers that be. Not recognizing the collapse from within, but blaming an outside threat instead.

We may never know how the stones got there and to be honest with you, this late in the ball game that is irrelevant to the over all consequences to ignoring the goal of the corrupt elite. We do know globalism is their ideology and control is the choice drug of the elite.

Written by: Michael Howell

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Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

So your bug out bag is packed and in its readily available spot in the closet. You got the SUV installed with the latest brackets to quickly install your heavy firing machinery for the zombie apocalypse. You even have you a patch of grass picked out in the woods to retreat and stand your ground should the time arise. Sounds like you are ready for what may come your way whether it be a natural disaster or an “event.”  Are you really though? I mean, you have your supplies in the bug out bag. And you made what appears to be all the steps to maintain your survival, but what about food? I’m talking about non G.M.O., long lasting, emergency sustainable quality food. Sure you could hunt in the woods for your food and give away your position by the gunfire or you could even try trapping and may have a somewhat success rate with that, but why not include food in your initial preparing?

Of all the radio shows I have done talking about this point the one thing that always comes up is the quality of food and the lasting freshness of today’s foods. Well theAwakening Liberty Store has all your food supply needs covered at one easy convenient location.

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With the recent increase in earthquakes and floodings the need to be prepared has never been greater. We have always had, and always will have, the need for preparation because of the human desire to go to war or their desire to divide and conquer, but now a rapid increase in weather patterns and anomalies are giving us yet another reason to be prepared and the Awakening Liberty Store provides all your basic needs for survival.

The Awakening Liberty Store not only has your long term, non GMO food needs available, but they also offer many other products. One of my personal favorites is thegravity driven drip water filtration  system. This is a must for many occasions including off grid living or even as a personal filtration system for your everyday use. We are seeing so many harmful chemicals added to our water supply today that a filtration system is a must. Check out how many options they offer varying in gallon size and needs.

Survival gear is also a must and the Awakening Liberty Store doesn’t disappoint there either. Is it a first aid kit you are looking for? You can find at the website many options that is sure to fit your needs. Everything from small individual first aid kits to auto and travel kits all the way up to home invasion kits, you will find what you are looking for there. High quality and competitively priced this is where you will purchase your next first aid kit and other preparedness products.

It is a must to have food supply and a game plan to keep it replenished. Don’t fret you are covered there, too. Sticking to the natural healthy theme the Awakening Liberty Store likes to promote that they offer non GMO seeds vaults to help keep a steady flow of food source. They don’t stop at just supplying seeds. They had a wide range of seed vaults ranging from herb, medicinal and vegetable garden seeds.

What good is it to be prepared if our health isn’t up to par for the long haul? Health and beauty products are on the site and ready to be shipped to you today. Everyone likes to be pampered and you can do both, be prepared and pampered at the same place.

Liking the outdoors like I do, they have food packs tailored for your camping needs as well. From small pack to large packs and everything in between your camping experience is made easier and more enjoyable. Not to mention healthier because of the care and attention to non GMO foods. In sports terms it a win-win.


Every attention to detail and your needs are at the forefront of their business. Gluten free products are available and there are many options and choices to choose from. I personally have seen many companies that over look this part in preparedness, but not them. Health conscience at every turn is important in long or even short term preparedness. They make sure you are covered.

There is so many products that it is impossible to list them all here so I highly recommend checking out the website and talking with the crew at the Awakening Liberty Store for questions or concerns.

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With so much to offer start getting prepared today. Don’t know where to start? What kind of budget to work with? Give them a call for your free consultation by professionals and they will walk you through the process of being prepared, camping supplies, water filtration, health and beauty and many other needs you may have. Prices like these and the many options you have there is no excuse not to start today! When you talk with them let them know you heard about them from Fighting the Tyranny and be a proud supporter of a small, liberty minded business that truly puts your needs first. Stay healthy and be prepared by visiting the Awakening Liberty Store today.

Written by: Michael Howell

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Alarm Bells Ringing: Chaos Over Food In New Jersey US News

Alarm Bells Ringing: Chaos Over Food In New Jersey

A recent story from Susan Duclos on ANP told us that internet outages across America are now increasing in frequency, leading her to ask if 'BETA tests' are being conducted on the internet 'kill switch' which will most likely be used if mass civil unrest breaks out across the country. In fact, as we're told by our videographer in the 1st video below, FEMA, the DHS, and the US Air Force are all conducting massive riot control drills and operations around the same time as 'Democracy Spring', massive threats of earthquakes and natural disasters unlike anything we've seen in most of our lifetimes. Is all of this just a coincidence or should alarm bells be ringing?

The story on Monday from Natural News tells us that hungry people in New Jersey had begun raiding other people's homes looking for food and inciting just the kind of chaos that Susan previously warned us about. Though on a much smaller scale than the nationwide riot/collapse preparation that is now taking place across the country according to this recent story from Don't Comply, we're reminded that the well distracted public are focused upon bathroom use rights, celebrities and debating who'll be the next leader of this fledgling Republic while it is quickly being turned into a 'totalitarian police state'.

As Alex Jones of Infowars asks in the 2nd video below, will societal meltdown lead to the collapse of America and are we now witnessing the 'beginning of the end'? Jones reminds us that all great nations eventually fall and the United States will not be an exception, especially considering the direction we're now rapidly heading.

While ANP has been quick to report upon the huge difference between a 'dictatorial, totalitarian police state', which we are completely against, and our public servants who we fully support, the brave men and women who serve our communities, cities and states and country every day across the nation while putting their own lives at risk, unfortunately there is a great potential for crossover. With law enforcement agencies all across the world now purchasing riot control gear 'en masse', we see more proof that preparation is taking place at the highest levels for the collapse of the current economic system and the total breakdown of society and as Gregory Mannarino tells us in the 3rd video below, we have reached 'situation critical' and a 'financial monster' is now among us.

All of this provides us with more reasons to be 'prepared' for what is undoubtedly coming, possibly as soon as October according to Bill Holter who warned in this story by Susan Duclos at ANP that the entire system may come down within 48 hours if we see a big enough failure somewhere within the system:

"This is the end game; these are the end days of the current system; not so sure we are going to get to October" before the entire system closes.

As 'preppers', we have a great opportunity to 'assist' law and order since 'preppers' will not be among those rioting in the streets for food or breaking into others homes or stores looking for ways to feed our families. While a countless number of Americans who didn't prepare for a future involving collapse will surely involve themselves in breaking the law, preppers will be the ones who help to 'maintain the law' and certainly won't be assisting those who are in the streets causing havoc.

The signs of impending collapse continue to unfold all around us. When looking at the study below of riot gear purchases across the world, the one thing that stands out to us more than anything else is the fact that, despite nations such as Iran, Egypt, Russia, China and Thailand procuring massive amounts of riot control gear, the largest region for riot control systems is the Americas. What do they know that the majority of the American people DON'T know? 'Preppers' clearly know at least part of what government knows. From via

The analysts forecast the global riot control system market to grow at a CAGR of 5.3% during the period 2016-2020. According to the report,demand for small UAVs in law enforcement is driving the market growth. UAVs are equipped with a broad range of systems such as airframe, autopilot, navigation system, sensor package, and communications links. There is an increased demand for UAVs globally, owing to its wide range of applications in the civil, commercial, and military market.

Law enforcement agencies around the world are the biggest market for riot control systems. This market is expected to generate revenues of over USD 3.5 billion by the end of 2020. Countries such as the US, Iran, Egypt, Russia, China, and Thailand have started procuring riot control equipment and are investing heavily in NWLs. Moreover, special vehicles that are equipped with water cannon and reservoirs have been designed for security personnel, for use in areas of conflict to handle large crowds and demonstration. Demand for such equipment is expected to rise during the next few years.

The largest region for riot control systems is the Americas, and forecasted growth of this region is a CAGR of just over 4%. In North America, the prominent markets are Canada and the US and the law enforcement agencies in these nations are best equipped with the upgraded weapons. The militarization of the police department and other law enforcement agencies in the Americas has encouraged the use of advanced riot control equipment. The disputed circumstances of shooting unarmed 18-year-old heightened existing protests and civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, US in 2014. Rifles, NWLs, and heavy vehicles were used to control the crowd and growing protests during this incident.

The stories out in the last few days along include: "Former Air Force Officer Warns Of Atmospheric Spraying And The Coming Collapse" from Dane Wigington at his GeoEngineering Watch. "A Total Game Changer - From Over-Population To De-Population" from Zero Hedge who also published "A Bird's-Eye View Of How The US Economy Is Falling Apart (In 4 Simple Charts". Over at SHTFPlan, Doug Casey warns: "It's The Next Stage Of The Greater Depression...The Economy Is Going To Be Very, Very Bad"while Jeremiah Johnson at SHTFPlan tells us "Possible End Game: The United States Has Created A Climate That Could Easily Be Transformed Into A War".

Are we now witnessing signs of impending collapse and the 'end game' for America? The best that we can do as caring American citizens is to continue to prepare for collapse, for to do so is to prepare ones self and family for natural disasters, bank collapses, EMP, war or any other possible catastrophe that would shut down the entire system. All of this preparation for riots, civil unrest and mass social upheavel is clearly heading in a direction that soon will not be able to be undone. As Mannarino tells us, a 'financial monster' awaits us and is now among us. Only time separates now from the inevitable.

Written by Stefan Stanford

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Written By Michael Howell September 26th 2015

This has to be the main question we ask ourselves if we are to come to terms with foreign wars and the ever increasing globalism we are facing. With an out of hand Military Industrial Complex, horrible foreign policy, fictitious debt and monetary system, ever growing police state, military operations pointed at civilians, and a myriad of other liberty taking actions, once again, we have to ask is our Constitution valid? After all, we are sending soldiers at a record number to “fight” for it so we need to answer this question now, before we continue to support the agenda and goal of “democracy.”

Let’s look at the last word in that sentence before we go any farther. Democracy and what it means has been convoluted to mean many things and has been used to start and justify wars. So, what does it mean and are we a democracy? No, we are not. We are, and were always, a Constitutional Republic. It is very important to know the difference. Our founding fathers knew the difference and it can be referenced in many of their writings and speeches.



Before I list quotes of the founding fathers thoughts on democracy vs. republic, let’s look at what the Constitution, itself, says about the two.

Article IV Section 4, of the Constitution “The United States shall guarantee to every state in this Union a Republican Form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion”, the word Democracy is not mentioned in the Constitution at all.

We can now rest assure that the authors and founding fathers clearly wanted us to be a republic, not a democracy, as one cannot be both, as one cannot be socialist and fascist. Two separate forms of government. So, now let’s illustrate the point in more detail and look at direct quotes from those men that wrote the Constitution or had a hand in its conception.

“Hence it is that democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention: have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property: and in general have been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths…A republic, by which I mean a government in which a scheme of representation takes place, opens a different prospect and promises the cure for which we are seeking.” – James Madison, Federalist Papers No. 10 (1787)

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!” – Ben Franklin

“A democracy is nothing more than a mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.” – Thomas Jefferson

“Remember, democracy never last long. It soon wastes, exhaust, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide. “– John Adams

There are many other quotes you can look up on your own time as it pertains to the difference of Republic vs. Democracy, but I feel the clear platform can be established by now concerning their thoughts on the Republic.

Now let’s define the two. What is a Republic? What is a democracy? In a Constitutional Republic, such as America, the individuals rights are protected and cannot be voted or taken away. In a democracy, I believe Thomas Jefferson as stated above, has given us the best definition. To paraphrase him, it is simply when fifty – one percent rule over the remaining forty-nine percent. This is a slippery slope that was foreseen by the founders.

So, do we have any proof that the Constitution is invalid or has been usurped? Let’s take what President George Washington defined as the “liberty’s teeth”, the second amendment. Without this amendment we would not be able to protect the remaining Constitution or Bill of Rights. It is very short and cannot be misinterpreted unless approached from an angle to reject it.


“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

There are two key words in this amendment. First, being “shall” as it is absolute and infringed, which means taken away or even regulated. So, how has the second amendment been infringed you ask? Gun ownership is at an all time high and rifle ranges seem to be busy nowadays so it must still be intact, right? Not so fast.

Look at cities like New Orleans, Chicago, New York City, and Detroit as example. They have the strictest gun control laws and ironically, have the highest violent crime rate, but that’s a topic for another article. Some cities have instituted a magazine capacity ban. That is an infringement. Let’s look at the sanctions we have on Russian made AK-47’s. That is a political infringement on gun ownership. And lastly, let’s look at the United Nations Small Arms Treaty. Many things are wrong with this. One being that a foreign government, United Nations, is dictating rights on a sovereign Republic. That is a blatant infringement on gun rights. There are other violations to the 2nd Amendment but just these examples alone are direct infringements. Is the Constitution still valid?

Now let’s look at the 4th Amendment. “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Here we have that absolute word again – “shall.” Not a suggestion, but an absolute. Just as God used it in the Ten Commandments so that there is no other interpretation, the founders used it here as well and for the same reason. How is this being attacked you ask? We are seeing a gross amount of no knock raids on homes and properties. Property illegally seized and often times even destroyed or never returned back to the owners. The fourth amendment clearly states the process in which warrants are to be issued and executed. Look at another example, checkpoints on roads. We have all seen them used in the name of safety. Drunk driving checkpoint, insurance checkpoints, ect. This is a clear violation of the fourth amendment as everyone has the right to be secure in their persons, papers, houses, and effects. It is unconstitutional to stop every single vehicle without probable cause. Here there is no probable cause and we are guaranteed to travel freely unless suspected of a crime. The proper, ethical, and even Constitutional way to go about these practices are being ignored. I ask you again, is the Constitution still valid?

Wars, we all hate them, but at times may be necessary in order to maintain freedoms and liberties. The constitution has defined the way a Republic goes to war. It is by a Declaration of War, through Congress, by our representatives, using our voice. When was the last declaration of war? World War 2. The rest have been on U.N. sanctions or have been under the name of conflicts. This is illegal and needs to be reigned in as the consequences are grave. Article 1, Section 8 defines it this way. “The Congress shall have the power to…..declare war. Notice that absolute word, shall, again? That means go to congress and let the people voice their concerns and even approval, through their representatives. Not on United Nations sanctions or Presidential Executive Orders. I must ask you this again, is the Constitution still valid?

How about the 10th amendment? States rights were very key and instrumental in the establishment of the Republic as our founding fathers recognized all states do not live the same way and shouldn’t be governed the same way, or as in a blanket Federal law. States right’s is important in continuing a society free from government overreach. It secures the States govern themselves through the people of the States. Let’s look at the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. Regardless what side of the fence you fall on you cannot deny that state rights were ignored and trampled on. First, look at how it came to be law of the land. The Supreme Court does not have the power, under the Constitution, to creat laws, only rule on existing laws. In the case of gay marriage they created, wrote, ruled, and executed the law. In return they created a blanket law for the Republic, bypassing the 10th amendment. This is getting to be a continuing theme; however, I have to ask. Is the Constitution still valid?

The last example I will use is so important to free people that the founders made it the first amendment and that is free speech. There have been famous quotes such as; “the first amendment wasn’t meant to discuss the weather, but controversial things” that sums up the importance of free speech. How can we continue to be a free society and prosper if thoughts are suppressed and our voices silenced? We can’t be. This is imperative to talking ideas and concerns all the way through to conclusion so that all sides and all options are brought forward.


Now with the expansion of the N.S.A. spying program to include metadata of innocent individuals, our free speech has been compromised. It has been proven, much to their own admission, that they collect metadata on all person’s phone calls, emails, and even social media post. This is not free speech. This can also be tied into the 4th amendment as it is an unwarranted collection of someone’s rights since no warrant was filed on the said individual, instead collected on everyone as a whole. We are seeing a gross incline in political correctness which is silencing many thoughts and even keeping many from voicing their concerns out of fear of retaliation. This is a reminder of the Alien and Sedition Act that John Adams signed into law and then later felt obligated to repeal. We are starting to see things head that way again if we don’t act now. Any infringement on free speech is a infringement on all free speech. So in closing, I have to ask, is the Constitution valid?

Written by Michael Howell
Christian Patriots