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Major “New” Discovery: There’s a Miracle in “The Old Black Book!”

A Commonly Acknowledged, Yet Unexplored Anomaly In the Bible Turns Out to be a “Breath-taking, Supernatural Literary Phenomenon.”

Dateline: Reno, Nevada, USA. Sunday, March 19, 2017 By Sean Caron, Syndicated talk radio host, The Awakening Liberty Show, Truth Frequency Radio.


If there is a God, Is the Bible really “His word” as it claims to be? If so, can it be authenticated as such?

These are questions that most people have asked at one time, especially when Easter season “rolls around” again.

Many Bible scholars have taken the matter in hand, writing books, documentaries or engaging in passionate debate to provide quality answers to these elusive questions. The usual rhetoric in these debates will lean on some sort of extra-Biblical discovery or observation. Theologians refer to this pursuit as Bible apologetics. The rhetorical arsenal of Bible apologists will usually delve into the prophecies in the Bible that seem to accurately predict the future, or the citing of archaeological discoveries that confirm the Bible account of history, or the numerous scientific or medical comments in the Bible that turned out to be scientifically accurate today. Myriad are the debates and forums in which Biblical apologists and atheists have “locked horns” over such matters.

However, thanks to a ground-breaking new study, the common narrative of Bible apologetics may be about to undergo a tectonic shift.

In his new book, “The Tuning Fork”, Author, Bill MacGregor, claims to have “unearthed” what he suggests is “the most compelling apologetic discovery of all time,” and he is not the only prominent voice in Christianity that’s joining the chorus. One of the book’s eager endorsers is best-selling author and historian Dr. William Grady, who says, “The Tuning Fork will constitute a welcome addition to the Bible Believer’s arsenal.” Audaciously, MacGregor also proclaims, “This discovery proves beyond a shadow of doubt, that the Bible is a supernatural document and can therefore be none other than the very word of God!”

The Awakening Liberty Show with Guest Bill MacGregor


Upon hearing such a brazen claim, most people immediately ask, “But where is this compelling discovery? Is it in an archaeological site? Is it in an ancient tomb or a monastery? Is it under a microscope or to be seen through a telescope?” The answer: No, no, and no!

Born in Toronto, Canada in 1966, MacGregor is a father, a Baptist Pastor, author, conference speaker and a professional corporate consultant. “The Tuning Fork started for me as a child where I can remember day-dreaming in Sunday School, ‘If only God would do a miracle in front of me!’ or ‘If only I could have been there to see the ‘parting of the Red sea’ or ‘Jesus walking on water’, then I would really believe the Bible!” I thought.

If you also are someone who has ever asked such questions, MacGregor announces, “Well, look no further! We have discovered a real, current, ongoing, definitive miracle happening right now, and is available for viewing anytime! This miracle has been discovered within the pages of the Bible itself! It is a supernatural literary phenomenon which we refer to as The Tuning Fork.”

According to MacGregor, Bible students have known for centuries about a certain “unexplored anomaly” in the Bible. His claim is that it has been quietly implanted there by God Himself. However, no one has attempted to fathom the depth of it and to confirm it’s omnipresence throughout the Bible. “Well, We did!” boasts MacGregor, “And what we discovered will precipitate a seismic change in the history of Bible knowledge!”

Obviously, the next question would be, “So, What is this unexplored anomaly?”

“The answer?” MacGregor continues, “It is the fact that the Bible has 66 books. Near the middle of the Bible is the book of Isaiah. Like a “miniature Bible,” Isaiah has 66 chapters. While this may seem trite and coincidental, as you study the 66 chapters of Isaiah in order, you will discover, especially with the help of The Tuning Fork book, that each chapter yields an abundance of cross-referencing links to the corresponding books of the Bible. In studying for “The Tuning Fork” book, we have found and expounded 629 links in all.”

When asked, “So, what is so miraculous about that?” MacGregor’s simple answer is: “It is the TIMING!”

He explains the phenomenon this way: “It would be no miracle at all if the book of Isaiah was the last book of the Bible to be written. The fact is that each of the books of the Bible were written at consecutive points over a period of 1600 years.” MacGregor continues, “Isaiah was written near the middle of the 1600 years and is the twenty-third of the sixty-six books. This means that Isaiah chapter 1, verse 1, is located exactly at the “one third” mark. Twenty-two books precede that point, and forty-four are written after that point.”

So far, these facts are obvious and are common knowledge, even to a Sunday School “drop out.” However, this is where MacGregor believes the miracle starts: “For the first 22 chapters of the book of Isaiah to connect to the first 22 books of the Bible is impressive, but not necessarily miraculous. However, for the last 44 chapters of Isaiah to connect to the last 44 books of the Bible, hundreds of years before those books were written, is a supernatural, breath-taking, over the top, “parting of the Red sea” rivalling miracle to say the least!” The purpose of “The Tuning Fork” book is to clearly demonstrate that miracle to believing and non-believing readers alike.

“The Tuning Fork” is of particular interest to Christian leaders like Dr. Tom Wallace, author, pastor for sixty five years and international statesman, and yet another Tuning Fork endorser. Dr. Wallace adds the suggestion that there is a “bonus” discovery here as well: “(the book) points out that this amazing truth can only be seen when using the King James Bible.” MacGregor adds to that thought, “There is another layer of multiplication to add to the already astronomical odds here, when you discover that 134 of the 629 connections were unwittingly created by the strategic word choices made when the Bible was translated into English with the publishing of the King James Version in 1611 A.D.” These 134 word connections are meticulously chronicled in the “Tuning Fork Compliance Chart” found in Chapter 11 of the book. This seems to suggest that there may to be “more” to this beloved English version than a mere translation. This is a notion other Bible scholars have eluded to as well, including Oxford University consulting editor, and another celebrated “Tuning Fork” endorser, Dr. Douglas Stauffer in his book, “One Book, One Authority” (McCowen Mills Publishers, copyright 2012) page 42, “… the construction of the book of Isaiah should further confirm that the English Bible is no ordinary book or collection of writings. ” Concerning the “Tuning Fork” book, Dr. Stauffer also notes, “This study proves that long ago, God wanted to show the world that He had moved beyond the original Bible languages of Hebrew and Greek. The Tuning Fork proves that God chose English as the medium to convey His word in these last days.”

Going further “down the rabbit hole,” MacGregor invokes the famous, “Dead Sea Scrolls” which were discovered in Qumran, Palestine in 1947: “Among the great literary treasures discovered hidden in some nearby caves, they found of all things, two complete copies of the book of Isaiah, which are nearly a thousand years older than the oldest of the scrolls available in 1611. One thousand years of pre-printing press era, manual copying from copies of copies of the Bible may now be spell-checked! Miraculously, every single word of the book of Isaiah was found to be a perfect match with the Qumran discovery! This is a separate miracle in its own right!”

“At this point,” MacGregor puts forth the thought provoking question, “One must ask, ‘Why the Qumran discovery? Why the Book of Isaiah? Why is all this coming out now?”

Admittedly, his answer to these questions is profound to say the least: “Because, it is that same book of Isaiah that becomes critical to the integrity and verity of the entire Bible itself, for it is written within the very pages of this prophet, that we find the key that validates the content of the rest of the Bible. This Tuning Fork phenomenon miraculously certifies the words, phrases, the chapter and verse divisions, the inclusion of the 66 books and the consecutive order of their arrangement, and even the very choice of English words used in translating the King James Bible!

With the introduction of “The Tuning Fork” book, it would appear that Bill MacGregor has just injected something revolutionary and “lethal” into the Bible apologist’s debate arsenal as well as changing the entire conversation about the King James Version debate. “In fact,” MacGregor concludes with confidence: “It does more than change the debate, it ends the debate!” For more information about “The Tuning Fork,” view the documentary, place orders, visit (Coming Soon Stay Tuned)

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