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Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

So your bug out bag is packed and in its readily available spot in the closet. You got the SUV installed with the latest brackets to quickly install your heavy firing machinery for the zombie apocalypse. You even have you a patch of grass picked out in the woods to retreat and stand your ground should the time arise. Sounds like you are ready for what may come your way whether it be a natural disaster or an “event.”  Are you really though? I mean, you have your supplies in the bug out bag. And you made what appears to be all the steps to maintain your survival, but what about food? I’m talking about non G.M.O., long lasting, emergency sustainable quality food. Sure you could hunt in the woods for your food and give away your position by the gunfire or you could even try trapping and may have a somewhat success rate with that, but why not include food in your initial preparing?

Of all the radio shows I have done talking about this point the one thing that always comes up is the quality of food and the lasting freshness of today’s foods. Well theAwakening Liberty Store has all your food supply needs covered at one easy convenient location.

The Awakening Liberty Store
is an Authorized dealer of
Legacy Premium NON GMO
Made in USA Emergency
Food Storage and Survival

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Legacy Premium is simply
the best available! Legacy
Premium boasts the lowest
cost per pound in the industry
and was voted best tasting
in blind tests.

With the recent increase in earthquakes and floodings the need to be prepared has never been greater. We have always had, and always will have, the need for preparation because of the human desire to go to war or their desire to divide and conquer, but now a rapid increase in weather patterns and anomalies are giving us yet another reason to be prepared and the Awakening Liberty Store provides all your basic needs for survival.

The Awakening Liberty Store not only has your long term, non GMO food needs available, but they also offer many other products. One of my personal favorites is thegravity driven drip water filtration  system. This is a must for many occasions including off grid living or even as a personal filtration system for your everyday use. We are seeing so many harmful chemicals added to our water supply today that a filtration system is a must. Check out how many options they offer varying in gallon size and needs.

Survival gear is also a must and the Awakening Liberty Store doesn’t disappoint there either. Is it a first aid kit you are looking for? You can find at the website many options that is sure to fit your needs. Everything from small individual first aid kits to auto and travel kits all the way up to home invasion kits, you will find what you are looking for there. High quality and competitively priced this is where you will purchase your next first aid kit and other preparedness products.

It is a must to have food supply and a game plan to keep it replenished. Don’t fret you are covered there, too. Sticking to the natural healthy theme the Awakening Liberty Store likes to promote that they offer non GMO seeds vaults to help keep a steady flow of food source. They don’t stop at just supplying seeds. They had a wide range of seed vaults ranging from herb, medicinal and vegetable garden seeds.

What good is it to be prepared if our health isn’t up to par for the long haul? Health and beauty products are on the site and ready to be shipped to you today. Everyone likes to be pampered and you can do both, be prepared and pampered at the same place.

Liking the outdoors like I do, they have food packs tailored for your camping needs as well. From small pack to large packs and everything in between your camping experience is made easier and more enjoyable. Not to mention healthier because of the care and attention to non GMO foods. In sports terms it a win-win.


Every attention to detail and your needs are at the forefront of their business. Gluten free products are available and there are many options and choices to choose from. I personally have seen many companies that over look this part in preparedness, but not them. Health conscience at every turn is important in long or even short term preparedness. They make sure you are covered.

There is so many products that it is impossible to list them all here so I highly recommend checking out the website and talking with the crew at the Awakening Liberty Store for questions or concerns.

call them at 775-276-4046 for
a free consultation. They can help
customize a package to suit
your needs and budget.

Free Shipping on all
Domestic Orders!!

The Awakening Liberty Store is part of the Awakening Liberty Show with Sean Caron and can be heard on Saturdays and Sundays at 2:00 Pm Pacific time As Sean himself describes the show, Awakening Liberty is hard hitting talk radio focused on TRUTH! Indeed it is. Be sure to call into the show and  be a part of the show as well. The call in number is 866-37-TRUTH. Also while listening to the show check out the real time chat room and add to the conversation with other listeners. You can follow Sean and the show on social media by liking the Awakening Liberty Facebook page.


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With so much to offer start getting prepared today. Don’t know where to start? What kind of budget to work with? Give them a call for your free consultation by professionals and they will walk you through the process of being prepared, camping supplies, water filtration, health and beauty and many other needs you may have. Prices like these and the many options you have there is no excuse not to start today! When you talk with them let them know you heard about them from Fighting the Tyranny and be a proud supporter of a small, liberty minded business that truly puts your needs first. Stay healthy and be prepared by visiting the Awakening Liberty Store today.

Written by: Michael Howell

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